The left channel of Bach's 3rd Brandenberg Concerto from Switched On Bach by Wendy Carlos played through the shifter and coming out of the RING1 and RING2 outputs and fed to left and right channels.

Sound not playing? Click here for a Demo of the Frequency Shifter being used in Stereo Ring Modulator Mode on some SOB.

Is it just my imperfect memory, or is it really the case that this electronic version was used as the theme tune in the very early days of BBC1's Antiques Roadshow programme? Answers on a postcard or sealed-down envelope... ... W12 8QT.

And the answer is, after a recent 20th birthday anniversary special of Antiques Roadshow, Yes. The original opening sequence was shown, using this tune complete with pencil-drawn animation and comedy bit with Arthur Negus opening up the doors on a large item of furniture to reveal the TV set within, cue zoom to the screen and wibbly wobbly static followed by Antiques Roadshow logo. Definitely a four star rating TV Cream nostalgia moment. Hmmm, smell the gravy!

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