The Radio Glen EMI BTR/3 and other Lost Tapes Repository

When all was working reasonably well on the BTR/3, the question was, "Well what can we use this for?"  The answer was "For recording crap radio shows and making jingles on."  7.5 i.p.s. was used for recording shows where you could get about 70 minutes on a full 10.5" N.A.B spool.  The mighty 15 i.p.s. was used for maximum jingle quality recording, given that the various bits had to be fed in from various sources that had already suffered and that it would have to go onto an Aristocart via the Fitch T101 recording cart machine thereafter.

This page is holding the place for the links to the full replay of some of those tapes, and some explanations will be offered.  Don't touch that dial!

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