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Only available as a digital download nowadays, see, where you can download the whole album.  Unless you really want to scrape the web for one of the very small number of the nicely printed, lovely CD-Rs that were sold.  Not bad artwork for a rank amateur, I thought:)

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In January 2008 I discovered Nikmis music via the internet and social networking sites. Here was something different from the sounds normally found while trawling the intertubes. This actually made conventional musical sense while being heartily rooted in a powerful analogue synth sound. I liked it very much and I thought that it was ideal for converting into Ambisonic Surround-Sound. So between us that's what we consipred to do. With the help of airmail, email, pork pies and Battenburg cake we created this disc and were justly pleased with the result.

Henry J. Walmsley, Farnborough, UK.

It’s hard to say exactly what goes through the mind of a genius when he sits down to create a masterpiece. Unfortunately Einstein is not around to describe how he felt when theorizing about E=MC2, and DA Vinci will never tell us how it felt to paint The Mona Lisa, but luckily for us we have Nikmis, who has repeatedly sat down to write not one, but here eleven such masterpieces, each one a complex and powerful artistic work in its own right. At the same time each is an intensely personal and heart-felt engagement of the senses. If you were to ask him how creating such beautiful works of the highest of art feels, he probably wouldn’t be able to tell you, since of course, as bees alighting in their pursuit of nectar and ants marching forth to protect the colony, he is only doing what comes most naturally to such an awe-inspiring genius.

Nikmis, Calgary, Canada.

This CD is UHJ encoded which will give a widened stereo image on conventional stereo systems, and full surround audio using an Ambisonic decoder. Home cinema decoders intended for 2-channel source material will perform quite well too.

Track List and Sample Tunes

1 Pulpe 6:36

2 Mexico 6:52

3 Besling 7:23

4 Molos 3:58

5 Silver 3:28

6 Ding 3:36

7 Orojojo 8:13

8 Usim 5:47

9 Canom 7:02

10 Sleberdish 5:02

11 Farse 6:05

The underlined tracks are moderate quality mp3 encoded. They sound substantially better on the CD!

© William Simkin 2008, UHJ Surround mixes and artwork Henry J. Walmsley.

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