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hammond stereo

Apologies for the compressed files, but we wouldn't want to infringe anyone's copyright very much and there's only so much space on this site, and so much Tat to fit in.They are mono, bandlimited to about 8kHz then MP3-orised, which I've found to be a fair compromise. For the real thing, you'll just have to go and find the records:)

After some successful forays down the town centre recently, I have felt the urge to subdivide the crap record department when suitably large quantities of tat have accrued. And so now we have...Ta-daaaaah!.......

Hammond Organ

Ah, surely music's finest voice the Hammond tonewheel organ, here used expessively to bring you all your usual compilation favourites.

Tijuana Tat

Concentrating less on Herb Alpert and more on the session musician El-Cheapo versions, I think many of them actually out-brass the Herb-meister himself.

Dodgy Synth

Imagine Wendy Carlos staggering home after a week long bender and plugging away randomly at the modular before hitting 'record' on the multitrack and slapping at the keyboard with mittens on. Then dialling up Bob Moog to tell him how much she really loved him and all his little dancing pixie ring modulators. The following records could be the result, though as usual I've left out the real nasties and concentrated on the rare palatable items. (What? !)

General Crap

Everything which doesn't yet warrant its own special "Category of Crud."

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