Top Quality Ropey Synthesiser Records

Some tracks removed to save space: You'll just have to buy the records.

Moog Party Time, Contour records, 1973. Was probably £1.00

moog party time frontmoog party time rear

Very much from the "I've bought a keyboard, oscillator and one ADSR module and so have a fab synth" Moog Bandwagon era, sounds to me like a Minimoog being not stretched very far. The spiele claims a dual keyboard. Well a few modulars may have had dual keyboards in 1973 but I bet this one didn't. Expert vinyl archaeologists will be able to tell at a glance that this poor dear spent its final days firmly lodged in the remainder bin, as the increasingly desperate reductions on the price stickers will testify.
Once more I have been swindled by the Marie Curie Cancer Care Shop lady; It was only 85pee originally. Well, make that 54p. Nope, still not sold the bugger... [scribbles on ticket]... 35p.


No tacky jokes please. Arrrghh, too late! (Slap#) This is interesting because if you listen very carefully you can hear a bloke in the background doing Spanish lyrics. I reckon they took someone else's record which had the vocal performer right in the middle of the stereo field, and did an (L-R) sum on it to remove the lyrics and provide a dirt cheap rythmn backing for the Moog. Maybe some other tracks on the album are done like that; Some do sound a bit odd, but that could be perfectly normal. How do you spell rythynmnm anyway?

Horse Theme (Cheval)

*Coughs* No, I have no idea either. Fair enough tune though.

Contour clearly had the YTS cutter do this particular disc, as the level of each track gradually reduces as you get closer in to the middle and the linear velocity at the stylus reduces.

Coconut: Mine's an exponentially converted Malibu and Coke, please.

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