Click for The Wombles Theme (as you've never heard it before)

You may have thought that the double whammy of "Grandad, you're lovely," and "Theres No-One Quite Like Grandma," by the St Winifred's girls choir were the undisputed king and queen of cringe-inducing children's pop record singing. Ha Haaaaaargh! Well I beg to differ, and as proof I unleash unto the world this blood curdling, nay gut-wrenching version of cuddly little Mike Batts "Theme Tune From The Wombles." Lulling you at first into a false sense oh "Oh it's not all that much worse than the Wombles' version" security, brace your guts and prepare to involuntarily emit school dinner sliced carrots during the Uncle Bulgaria bit.

If you have enough spod brain cells working after that, listen again to the 1975 analogue synth brass introduction. Very naff, but considering that synth brass hasn't advanced all that much, not bad for the time.

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