Sunny played by Johnny Patrick

Sound not playing? Click here for Johnny Patrick playing "Sunny" at the Hammond Organ

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When it comes to giving an example of what that over-used word professional really means, then look no further than Johnny Patrick. For in the world of popular music he's been occupying the professional slot with a consistency that many of his contemporaries must surely envy.
Now on this Golden Hour of Hammond Hits he gives us all a taste of his flair providing the kind of musical entertainment that everyone can appreciate, and he does it with some of the most commercial songs of the day. What he creates in the process is the kind of album that bears all the hallmarks of someone who knows exactly what music and entertainment is all about.
Today when he's not in the recording studios or working with his Big Band on a host of top radio shows, Johnny holds the appointment as Musical Director on the very popular ATV series "The Golden Shot" and he's come a long way since the days when he held down a day-time job in a shipping office and played music for fun in the evenings. But when he was nineteen Johnny packed in the job to concentrate on music and by the mid-fifties he was one of the names in the big band field, notably with the Big Band of Basil Kirchin. He went on to become an accompanyist for people like Val Doonican, Dusty Springfield and Anita O'Day. A busy man and a successful man, that's Johnny Patrick music maker with a golden touch all his own.

Produced by John MacLeod
Engineered by Geoff Calver

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