Hammond Delights

Kenny Salmon's Sounds Organised, Decca 1966, 8.00

kenny salmon sounds
        organized frontkenny salmon sounds
        organized rear

Which is a strange title really, as he has left a woman with large knockers on top of the vibrato unit. Not very organised, that, Ken. There she is again on the back, practising her fingering.

This album is pretty average on the whole but there are two tracks which stand out like gold rings in a big pile of pig poo. Who can forget Kenny's unforgettable rendition of that sampler record classic "The Poor People Of paris." Complete with quality drum and bass combo backing, this track will have you jigging in your seat, so some form of protective cover may be in order. As a certain Mr. Rogers once said "You'll never get that out with a damp sponge, best get some industrial suction on it love." Kenny is also on form on track two, side two, with "Serenata." Check out the bit where he gets a serious attack of the keyboard stabbing jitters. Perhaps he was playing that while she had the photo taken?


The Poor People Of Paris

Kenny's bass player I particularly admire here, especially on the intro. It has that astringent, not quite in tune quality that you get from plucking a piece of wire attached to a cardboard box. Five star award.

Worth noting that this is clearly done on a real electromechanical Hammond, and has that true quality sound. The problem with listening to this record is that the other tracks start to grow on you too. Arrrghhh!
I cheated with this one, and bought it off the web hence the profligate price tag. Worth every penny though.

Golden Hour Of Hammond Hits, Pye Records 1972, 1

Featuring Johnny Patrick at the Hammond Organ

golden hour hammond hits pye recordsgolden hour hammond

Well it's the 1970s, as we can clearly see by the triple exposure dancing lady in that rather fetching brown striped stretch nylon top, which should be kept away from all microgroove styli and pickups and treated sparingly with EMItex anti-static cleaning products to avoid unwanted discharges spoiling your listening enjoyment and to keep the playing surfaces free from dust. This is another high quality Hammond collection with many of our compilation favourites; Serenata, The Girl From Ipanema, Spanish Flea, to mention but three. Here is my fave, "Sunny" Played by Johnny Patrick on the Hammond Organ " and the spiele from the rear.

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