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All Things Bright And Beautiful

The singing of hymns has always formed a part of Christian worship. Over the last century and a half, this has been more so than ever before. And today, it is in hymn singing that Christians most fully participate in public worship. But the quality of almost anything can degenerate through excessive use, and even the most poular tunes can become hackneyed and trite.
Music is a language, and as such, its idiom can become dated, its words can become dated, and its style can become inadequate to express what a new age wants to say. In the church today, there is a new enthusiasm to produce music for worship which expresses more adequately the great truths of the Christian faith.
'HYMNS TIJUANA STYLE' as the title implies, is a collection of melodies which have become popular in the worship of Christians of all traditions. But it is a record which may bring you up with a jolt! For this is a virile re-interpretation of your favourite hymn tunes, in a popular music idiom. This album is an attempt at putting fresh vigor into what are essentially vigorous tunes, but tunes which have tended to become somewhat insipid through over-use.
Music can be atmospheric; and this record captures the true spirit of the words usually associated with these melodies. Some of you may agree with me when I rate the arrangement of 'Jesus Christ Is Risen Today' as the best interpretation of that tune I've heard in years - far better suited to its words than any treatment I've heard before. It expresses the powerful message of Easter with a fresh, joyful exuberance. In contrast, the treatment of 'Abide With Me' and 'There Is A Green Hill Far Away' radiate an atmosphere of great peace.
This album has not been produced in a spirit of frivolity or irreverance, but out of a conviction that these tunes contain hidden resources for a revitalising of the words they normally express. This is a record to be played and played again, and each time, the atmosphere of these favourite tunes will burst out with a new freshness.


A B.W.D Production (p) 1970


The album is also stamped "Not Exchangeable" Hmmmmm.

My favourite Hymn was always "Go The Mass Is Ended," followed by a rapid exit, pushing and screaming my way through the heavily coated geriatrics to the church door and scuttling up the street back home, dragging parents away from the most unnecessary outside Church conversations in history ever,.. ever.

This would be followed by the lighting of the coal fire to recover from hyperthermia, completely numbed brain and experience the Sunday morning treat of watery coffee served with malt loaf spread with pig dripping. Oh happy days.A Tijuana version of "Go The Mass Is Ended," with new, more realistic and appropriate lyrics is a must for the next album.


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