Ebay UK and their Hidden Sales Throttling and Capping Systems, and their Total Disregard of Other Valid Complaints

In a world run by algorithms, you'd at least expect their use to be beneficial to the corporate entity using them.  Unfortunately, when it comes to Ebay incompetence, there are no limits to their stupidity.  This is a global company that is actually trying to die, in a fashion last seen in the latter days of Nokia Smartphones.  Thank goodness that I am now officially "Binned-Off" of ebay forever.  Hurrah!

Carson and Company, and Countrywide Residential Lettings

A description of the procedure involved when your landlord wishes to transfer from his current lettings agent, Carson and Company in Hampshire, to another one.

Hampshire County Council's Shocking English

If your attention span is less than one sentence I'm not surprised it takes you two weeks to resurface 10 meters of pedestrian pathway.

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