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Ebay Isn't very good when it comes to customer service for sellers.  In fact, they are absolutely awful.  There will be some more pages visible here soon.  For now, here is the sorry story of closing down my "Interesting Electronics" ebay shop.  This is the page that was placed on the front page of the shop for a couple of weeks prior to closure.  It was updated as the process went along and is shown here for archive purposes.

The Closing of Ebay Shop Interesting Electronics due to UK VAT Limit Related Invisible Sales Throttling or Capping Systems.

Patience ended.  There's no point in making life more difficult than it has to be.

Ebay, and Invisible Sales Throttling, Caps, Levelling or Limits Related to UK VAT Thresholds

Figment of a paranoid imagination or obvious mathematical truth?  You decide.  I am not alone.

30th September 2019, Ebay Loses Orders From The System and Blames Everyone Else

You would think that not losing orders in an online marketplace system is fairly basic and essential.  No, actually.  According to ebay seller support, you should expect this to happen.

1st October 2019, Ebay Remove Vital Functionality From Seller Hub By Way Of An Upgrade

You new web page design may arguably be more mobile friendly according to several outdated measures in the Ladybird book of, "How To, Web Design For Kiddies," but that's not very helpful if it no longer actually works.

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