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Update 25-AUG-2022: "Binned-off!"

Oh dear.  Due to ebay not liking people who tell the truth to their UK Vice President and General Manager Murray Lambell and others, I have been permanently Binned-Off of ebay.  That's mildly inconvenient, but at least the pointless activity of constantly battling their toy-town website is now over.  Hurrah!  You can read about that on the invisible sales throttling page, the second item down.

Ebay Isn't very good when it comes to customer service for sellers, or anyone for that matter.  In fact, they are absolutely awful.

The Closing of Ebay Shop Interesting Electronics due to UK VAT Limit Related Invisible Sales Throttling or Capping Systems.

Patience ended.  There's no point in making life more difficult than it has to be.

Ebay, and Invisible Sales Throttling, Caps, Levelling or Limits Related to UK VAT Thresholds

Figment of a paranoid imagination or obvious mathematical truth?  You decide.  I am not alone.

30th September 2019, Ebay Loses Orders From The System and Blames Everyone Else

You would think that not losing orders in an online marketplace system is fairly basic and essential.  No, actually.  According to ebay seller support, you should expect this to happen.

1st October 2019, Ebay Remove Vital Functionality From Seller Hub By Way Of An Upgrade

Your new web page design may arguably be more mobile friendly according to several outdated measures in the Ladybird book of, "How To, Web Design For Kiddies," but that's not very helpful if it no longer actually works.

2nd March 2020, Proof That The Ebay Messaging System Lost a Vital Message and Their Pathetic Response

I've long suspected that the ebay messaging system has been losing messages sent to me from customers and vice-versa, particularly when they are using an ebay site other than ebay.co.uk.  Here's just one example, and a recording of the telephone call to ebay seller "support," which did little to make me happy.  Quite the reverse, in fact.

7th April 2020, Ebay's Much Vaunted Multi-Buy Promotions Fail, Make Me Guilty of Retail Fraud, and their Pathetic Response

On the 7th April a customer alerted me to the fact that when he had bought four items, correctly using shopping cart and everything, that he had been charged the full price for one item rather than the multiple purchase reduction price.  That's retail fraud!  Here is the ebay response so far.  I've since added many more instances of systematic Multi-Buy Promotion failures, and some analysis.

28-SEP-2020,  Ebay Systems Fail To Apply A Simple Overseas Postage Rate Correctly, I get Blamed For it, and Effectively Called A Liar.

Oh dear.  It's the multi-buy promotions failure excuses all over again.  "You changed the listing after the customer placed the order."  No, I did not!  "Yes sir, you did."  No, I didn't!
01-OCT-2020,  How Ebay Tells Your Customers That You Are On Holiday and Not Processing Orders, When You are at Home, and Very Much Processing All Orders Within 24 Hours

For six days at the end of August to the beginning of September, Ebay was busy telling potential customers that I was holiday on many of my listings and not processing orders at this time.  "Don't Worry," they said on the 'phone, "It won't affect your sales."  Really?

06-OCT-2020 Ebay Append Internal Computer Garbage to Customer's Address Line 2 For Their Own Purposes, At Everyone Else's Inconvenience.

This is yet another really awful software 'frig' to add some data to Royal Mail 2D barcode labels when printed via the ridiculously time-consuming ebay system.  I can only assume that some people actually use it, meanwhile the rest of us who print address labels by a proper method have to manually remove ebay computer garbage from the text.  Something is seriously wrong at Ebay Politburo Central.  Have we sacked everyone who used to understand the system properly and employed some cheap company to kludge every software change demanded by the marketing department for a whopping bonus?  Surely not!

03-MAR-2021 Ebay Miscellaneous Site Failures, Including some Serious Issues

A category of incompetence and failure including some serious issues and everyday website malfunctions resulting in endless wasted time for me, my customers, and even the ebay corporation itself.  Do I really have to click three times and view three failed pages every time to search for an order?  Someone's programming management bonus obviously gets paid by the click.

21-MAR-2022 The Incredibly Poor Webinterpret Listing Translation System, And How Ebay Imposed This On My Account Despite My Explicitly Opting-Out Beforehand.

On 9th November 2021, the boy-wonders at eBay Politburo Central decided that no-one was paying to use the useless "Webinterpret" automatic translation system created by another company that ebay had bought-out some time earlier.  Oh Dear: What a surprise!  To avoid any embarrassment of the executives involved in spending all that money, ebay tried to make this a free service and allowed people to opt-out.  Opt-out, I most certainly did.  Below you can read about what happened next, and how without immediate and continuous manual intervention it would have ruined my selling account within two days.  There is also a very interesting post-script to this issue, dug-out from August 2019.
21-MAR-2021  Updated eBay Photographs Fail To Display The Correct Pictures To Customers

I noticed that some of my photographs updated long-ago were showing the old pictures.  Murray Lambell, (V.P. of eBay UK) Eve Williams, (Head of eBay UK marketing) and Bradford "Made-Up Name" Shellhammer, (Head of eBay New York and singularly failing to impress a Manchester audience with his prancing antics in September 2021) were at pains to impress upon eBay sellers the importance of uploading new and many good quality photographs of their items for sale.  That's not much use if you display the old ones is it, so-called eBay for Business?  No.  So; It's onto the eBay telephone line of lies we go!

21-MAR-2022  eBay Failure Allows Customers From Disallowed Postage Locations To Place Orders

I've nothing against Puerto Rico other than the fact that, like many other countries in the world, their postal service is rubbish.  That's why I explicitly disallow purchases from, for example, Puerto Rico.  Imagine my surprise when I receive an order from that country in my "Orders Awaiting Dispatch," list.  Follow the link above to hear what the ebay Telephone Line Of Lies has to say about that.

15-JUL-2022 eBay Internal Search of my Own Listings Can't Find Exact Word Match Items, and Neither Can The Customers on the Main Site

On Tuesday 12th July I was searching for "Variable Capacitor" within my own listings in eBay Seller Hub, Selling Manager Pro, or whatever it is supposed to be.  That's strange.  Less than half of the items that I know have "Variable Capacitor" in the title are showing.  Oddly enough, it's exactly the same for the customers using the most obvious search term "Variable Capacitor," on the main site.  Oh Dear!  Is it any surprise that I'm selling less than half of the variable capacitors that I should be?

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