Escalation from eBay Helpbot
2021 - 09 - 02
06:52:27 UTC Prashant
Welcome to eBay Live Help. My name is Prashant. Please stay connected while I review your previous chat transcript, or if you wish you can summarise it for me.
06:52:54 UTC vila_restor
I have a problem firstly with marking an order as dispatched.
06:53:01 UTC Prashant
Hello there
06:54:26 UTC vila_restor
item no 111352103899 P6KE16A order no. 23-07531-46753
06:54:58 UTC Prashant
Shall I share the direct link to mark it as dispatched?
06:55:17 UTC vila_restor
If you think that will work, Yes please.
06:56:34 UTC Prashant
06:56:45 UTC Prashant (edited)
06:56:56 UTC Prashant
Click on the drop down arrow and then click mark as dispatched
06:58:00 UTC vila_restor
OK, Tried it, does not work.
07:00:31 UTC Prashant
I am sorry for the  inconveneince as this is happening due to a technical issue. Our team is already working on this and the issue will be resolved soon
07:00:40 UTC Prashant
And then your order will be marked automatically as dispatched
07:01:19 UTC vila_restor
What is the time estimate for this fix to a most basic element of an online so-called marketplace?
07:01:47 UTC Prashant
It will be resolved within 48-72 hours.
07:02:26 UTC vila_restor
So as this was first reported on Monday that's a total of seven days or more. Please register this as a complaint.
07:02:56 UTC vila_restor
And please ensure that Murray Lambell VP of ebay UK is informed.
07:03:19 UTC Prashant
Sure, be assured that I will forward this complaint ahead.
07:03:38 UTC vila_restor
And nothing will happen.
07:04:43 UTC vila_restor
I also wish to complain about three callbacks this evening being hung-up before the ringer on the telephone even had chance to sound - but I could see the call LED blink.
07:04:51 UTC Prashant
It will be taken into review and we will get back to you via email surely.
07:06:58 UTC Prashant
I hope we are connected
07:07:15 UTC vila_restor
What does that mean?
07:08:16 UTC vila_restor
Please comment on three callbacks being deliberately hung-up without the receiver being given a chance to answer.
07:08:58 UTC Prashant
Yes, it will be included in the complaint I am forwarding ahe
07:09:43 UTC Prashant
07:09:49 UTC vila_restor
Very well. Goodbye. Don;t forget to inform Murray Lambell VP of ebay UK.
07:11:14 UTC Prashant
07:11:20 UTC Prashant
Thank you for contacting eBay. Have a wonderful time ahead! Bye, take care.
07:11:34 UTC
Chat ended by Prashant