Analogue Synthesizer Studio Equipment

The synth stack consists of the following modules, a combination of Oakley Sound pcbs mounted on 19" panels and home-made custom units in 19" rack mounted boxes.

Right Hand Synth Stack from the top

analogue synthesiser stack
            whole view small

* Homer Dual Frequency Shifter
* Homer Hammond Emulator
* Donated Yamaha Digital Delay - (not used as yet)
* 4 X Oakley SV-VCF
* 4 X Oakley ADSR + VCA
* Homer Graphic Arbitrary Waveform Generator
* 4 X Oakley Oscillators
* 4 X Oakley MidiDac
* Mixed panel consisting of

2 X Oakley Phasers
1 X Oakley Little LFO
5 X passive splitters
2 X Homer 4-input +/- output summer
2 X Homer 4-input +/- output summer-subtracter

Left Hand Rack from the top

* Homer Flexible Ambisonic UHJ Decoder and 8 channel B-format to speaker feed generator
* Homer Ambisonic Auto-Rotator linked into A&D expansion input
* Audio + Design Ambisonic Pan-Rotate Unit
* Passive attenuator and input panel for A&D Ambisonic Pan-Rotate unit, B-format switch for pre and post record monitoring.
* A + D UHJ Encoder/Transcoder
* A + D B Format Converter (not used)
* 4 X Stage Line 50W stereo amplifiers
* Ye Olde 120MHz AMD P5 PC containing a Terratec EWS64XL card to be a sampling synth when I can be bothered with it.

Far Left

*Speaker No. 5 of 8
* Technics SL1210 Turntable for those SQ SOB moments.

Middle Rack

middle synth stack small

From the top

*4 X 3 head cassette deck collection for future "Itchycoo" Flanger project or student radio stylee tape delay generation (yay!)
Inter-head delays are 85mS, 87mS, 93mS and 32mS.
* Scopex 4D10A old scope for synth monitoring and testing
* Unit with >60 second period LFSR pseudo-random white noise generator, amoungst other redundant bits.
* To the left, white envelope holding laser printed transparencies of instrument waveforms for placing over the oscilloscope screen and then tuning the waveform generator to.

* Utility shelf with PSU for Matrix Switcher and extra short range FM radio transmitter, and old bits of cage nuts, screwdrivers and cable ties.
* Homer panel for Matrix Switcher control
* Radio Design Labs AMX-84 Audio Matrix Switcher / Summer and control panel
* Tuner
* Minidisc
* CD
* Musical Fidelity amp used to drive headphones and as a Gram pre-amp


* Homer Utility Unit consiting of

Two buffered continuously variable attenuators
Two three-range sine oscillators
One three input summer
One three-input summer subtracter
Two precision voltage sources, 1V steps 0 to 9V

* Homer Triple Accutronics Spring Reverb

Extras on this unit...
Two additional passive splitters
Two attenuators with gain, +6dB to -infinityish dB

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