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To avoid a great unreadable lump of text and photos, I have split the fun and games related to the Radio Glen EMI BTR/3 tape machine into the subsections below.  For ease of digestion, there's a page relating to the rescue of the BTR/3 first, then some general information about my experiences with it, then some of the dubbed tapes that we made between about 1991 to 1994, along with some "bonus material."

The Rescue of the Radio Glen EMI BTR/3

I originally called this the 'rediscovery' rather than rescue, as this was the word used in an Abbey Road and SURGE press release.  As I had known exactly where it was all along and had been at pains to point this out to various people over the years, rediscovery hardly seemed an appropriate term.  Sounds interesting?  It was. These are fairly recent events and my memory and records are very good on such matters.

The Radio Glen EMI BTR/3 General Information Page

Some general background and memories from 1990 to 1994. 

The Radio Glen EMI BTR/3 and other Lost Tapes Repository

Ahhh, the infamous lost tapes eh?  Yes, finally here they are in all their glory.  These are rather like the lost Beatles tapes that the BBC conveniently rediscovers and has gone-on about as a major discovery every five years since 1972, only they are less interesting and have no pop stars on them.  Still, this was what passed for entertainment in those days.  Almost.  Also in this section you will find some scabby off-air cassette recordings from around 1999-2000, and even a bit of digitally recorded Nick and Mogs from the naughties.

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