Log Book of Wire Routes and Maps of Buried Cables

So here we have it; Pretty much the original five page document showing where the tatty standard 50 Ohm coaxial cable was supposed to be routed, under paving slabs, through bushes etc.  I have no date for this document compiled by station manager M. R. Fowler.  Page five shows the link from M block rear entrance to Brunei House.  My understanding is that this was put in under the road between those buildings by Dunx and some others around 1989 or so, and a very professional job it was too.  I may draw a picture of this showing a long-haired hippy with a pneumatic drill and some tarmac at some stage.  Clicky on the piccies for a full size view, but don't forget, if you're some scummy sub-contractor or Harry Hammerhands from Building and Works, If in doubt, PLEASE, just cut, burn, or dig straight through any cables that you fancy:)

Radio Glen Cable
              Routes Page 1Radio Glen Cable Routes Page 2Radio Glen Buried Cables Map Page 3

Radio Glen Buried
              Cable Log Book Page 4Radio Glen Induction
              Transmitter Cable Routes Page 5

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