Ambitunes Records History from a 2014 Perspective:

Back in the dimness of pre-history, when the rocks of the Earth's crust were still being crushed and folded, and dinosaurs roamed the Earth (2004-ish) I'd finished building lots of analogue synth gear and had bought a Terratec EWS MT88 multi-channel soundcard.  This was connected up into a form of working studio, Cubase SX2 was installed on an adequate machine and things seemed to be working fairly well.  It was time to play with some tunes, and to learn how go go through the entire process to produce a playable CD-R in UHJ encoded Ambisonic surround sound.  Long story short, the three discs below were the result.  You can still get downloads from CD-Baby and there are some other musical bits and pieces that I will probably dump in here.  Here is the old page with minimal editing for the moment, primary so that I can link this to the still extant CD-Baby page.  After all, no-one likes a bad link.

Turned-on-Tijuana is no longer available unless you find a CD-R knocking around, and the UK MCPS clearance for the minimal number of copies made has been used up.

Colossus is all original so that's available for download on CD-Baby and via many digital distributions.

Nikmis's Ambisonic Picnic was an album of original electronic tunes that I mixed into surround via long-distance communication, and that is also available for download.  If by a miracle of buyer's good taste that ever makes any cash, most of that goes to the composer, Mr. Simkin.  I'll perhaps detail more of that historic collaboration later.

You should consider everything after the line below to be archive material as I'm not really driving music as a live hobby at the moment.  I've edited a bit to correct links or remove them if bad, while I find any possible new locations.

---Archive line---

Ambitunes Records: The Web Outlet for Henry's and More Music

On this page you'll find a list of currently available CD-Rs containing my transcriptions for ambisonic analogue synth and other music.

AMBI0001 Turned-On Tijuana

AMBI0002 Colossus

AMBI0003 Nikmis's Ambisonic Picnic

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